Классика Гленн Миллер Самые знаменитые произведения (mp3) Формат: Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: ООО "Бизнессофт" Россия Битрейт: 160 Кбит/с Частота: 44 1 КГц Тип звука: Stereo инфо 10429q.

За сто лет своего существования джаз доказал, что он – не только специфический род музыки, но и особая культурная среда, создаваемая плеядой неповторимых людей Одна из наиболее монументальных фигур безусловнобъиэм – Гленн Миллер (1904-1944) , американский тромбонист, аранжировщик, руководитель одного из лучших свинговых оркестров конца 1930-х – начала 1940-х годов Через сорок лет после гибели Гленна Миллера записи его оркестра обретали статус «золотых» Миллер добился того, чтвидяьо музыка, еще вчера считавшаяся чисто развлекательной, стала классикой У его оркестра был неповторимый, сразу узнаваемый голос Это было эталоном стиля Содержание 1 Little Brown Jug 2 Moonlight Serenade 3 Faithful Forever 4 Speaking Of Heaven 5 Indian Summer 6 It Was Written In The Stars 7 Johnson Rag 8 Ciribiribin 9 Careless 10 Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh 11 In An Old Dutch Garden 12 This Changing World 13 On A Little Street In Sврлхлingapore 14 Vagabond Dreams 15 I Beg Your Pardon 16 Faithful To You 17 A Blue World 18 Ooh! What You Said 19 The Gaucho Serenade 20 The Sky Fell Down 21 In The Mood 22 When You Wish Upon A Star 23 Star Dust 24 My Melancholy Baby 25 Let's All Sing Together 26 Rug Cutter's Swing 27 The Woodpecker Song 28 Sweet Potato Piper 29 Too Romantic 30 Tuxedo Junction 31 Danny Boy 32 Imagination 33 Shake Down The Stars 34 I'll Never Smile Again 35 Starlight And Music 36 Polka Dots And Moonbeams 37 Say It 38 Moments In The Moonlight 39 Hear My Song, Violetta 40 Sierra Sue 41 Boog It 42 Yours Is My Heart Alone 43 I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight 44 Alice Blue Glown 45 Wonderful One 46 Devil May Care 47 April Played The Fiddle 48 Fools Rush In 49 I Haven't Time To Be A Millionaire 50 Slow Freight 51 Pennsylvania 6-5000 52 Bugle Calвтырпl Rag 53 The Nearness Of You 54 Mister Meadowlark 55 My Blue Heaven 56 My! My! 57 When The Swallow Come Back To Capistrano 58 A Million Dreams Ago 59 Blueberry Hill 60 A Cabana In Havana 61 Be Happy 62 Angel Child 63 The Call Of The Canyon 64 Our Love Affair 65 Crosstown 66 What's Your Story Morning Glory 67 Fifth Avenue 68 I Wouldn't Take A Million 69 A Handful Of Stars 70 Old Black Joe 71 Yesterthoughts 72 Falling Leaves 73 Shadows On The Sand 74 Goodbye, Little Darlin', Goodbye 75 Five O'clock Whistle 76 Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar 77 Ring, Telephone, Ring 78 Make Believe Ballroom Time 79 You've Got Me This Way 80 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 81 I'd Know You Anywhere 82 Fresh As A Daisy 83 Isn't That Just Like Love 84 Along The Santa Fe Trail 85 Do You Know Why 86 Somewhere 87 Yes, My Darling Daughter 88 A Stone's Thrвухквow From Heaven 89 Helpless 90 Long Time No See, Baby 91 You Are The One 92 Anvil Chorus 93 Frenesi 94 The Mem'ry Of A Rose 95 I Do, Do You 96 Chapel In The Valley 97 Prairieland Lullabye 98 Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider 99 Song Of The Volga Boatmen 100 The One I Love 101 You Stepped Out Of A Dream 102 I Dreamt I Dwelt In Harlem 103 Sun Valley Jump 104 When That Man Is Dead And Gone 105 The Spirit Is Willing 106 A Little Old Church In England 107 Perfidia 108 It's Always You 109 Spring Will Be So Sad 110 The Airminded Executive 111 Below The Equator 112 Boulder Buff 113 The Booglie Wooglie Piggy 114 Chattanooga Choo Choo 115 I Know Why 116 Don't Cry Cherie 117 The Cradle Song 118 Sweeter The Sweetest 119 I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest 120 Take The A Train 121 Peekaboo To You 122 The Angels Came Thru 123 Under Blue Canadian Skies 124 вуыэиThe Cowboy Serenade 125 You And I 126 Adios 127 It Happened In Sun Valley 128 I'm Thrilled 129 The Kiss Polka 130 Delilah 131 From One Love To Another 132 Elmer's Tune 133 Says Who Says You, Says I! 134 Orange Blossom Lane 135 Dear Arabella 136 The Man In The Moon 137 Ma-Ma-Maria (Fee-Dle, Ee-Dle-Lee, Fee-Dle, Ee-Dle-La) 138 This Time The Dream's On Me 139 Dreamsville, Ohio 140 Papa Niccolini 141 Jingle Bells 142 This Is No Laughing Matter 143 Humpty Dumpty Heart 144 Ev'rything I Love Take The A Train 145 A String Of Pearls 146 Baby Mine 147 Long Tall Mama 148 Day Dreaming 149 Moonlight Sonata 150 Slumber Song 151 (There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover 152 We're The Couple In The Castle 153 It Happened In Hawaii 154 Moonlight Cocktail 155 Happy In Love 156 Fooled 157 Keep 'em Flying 158 Chip Of The Old Block 159 The Storвуяпвy Of A Starry Night 160 At The President's Birthday Ball 161 Angels Of Mercy 162 On The Old Assembly Line 163 Let's Have Another Cup O'Coffee 164 Skylark 165 Dear Mom 166 When The Roses Bloom Again 167 Always In My Heart 168 Shhh, It's A Military Secret 169 Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree 170 She'll Always Remember 171 The Lamplighter's Serenade 172 When Johnny Comes Marching Home 173 American Patrol 174 Soldier, Let Me Read Your Letter 175 Sleep Song 176 Sweet Eloise 177 (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo 178 Serenade In Blue 179 At Last 180 Lullaby Of The Rain 181 Knit One, Purl Two 182 That's Sabotage 183 Conchita, Marquita, Lolita, Pepita, Rosita, Juanita Lopez 184 The Humming-Bird 185 Yesterday's Gardenias 186 Dearly Beloved 187 Moonlight Mood 188 Carribean Clipper 189 Here We Go Again 190 That Old Black Magic 191 Moonlight Becomes You 192 Juke Bвфбнтox Saturday Night 193 It Must Be Jelly 194 I'm Old Fashioned 195 A Pink Cocktail For A Blue Lady 196 Rainbow Rhapsody 197 Sleepy Town Train 198 Rhapsody In Blue Исполнитель Гленн Миллер Glenn Miller Родился в г Кларинда, штат Айова В 1920—30-х годах выступалс Б Поллаком, писал аранжировки для оркестра братьев Дорси, в котором затем выступал как солист; записывался с Бенни Гудменом, изучал технику аранжировки В 1937 создал свой оркестр, .