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Содержание 1 Around The World `Barry Sisters` 2 Cry Me A River `Barry Sisters` 3 Why Don`t You Do Right `Barry Sisters` 4 Ciao Ciao Bambino `Barry Sisters` 5 Who`s Sorry Now `Barry Sistersбъкжж` 6 In A Fool To Want You `Barry Sisters` 7 Bill Bailey Want You Please Come Home `Barry Sisters` 8 Autumn Leaves `Barry Sisters` 9 Fascination `Barry Sisters` 10 It`s Allright With Me `Barry Sisters` 11 Without A Song `Barry Sisters` 12 Youвиеыш Gotta See Baby Tonight `Barry Sisters` 13 You`re Nobody `Barry Sisters` 14 Never On Sunday `Barry Sisters` 15 Carina `Barry Sisters` 16 We Belong Together `Barry Sisters` 17 When I Fall In Love `Barry Sisters` 18 Nevertheless `Barry Sisters` 19 My One And Only Love `Barry Sisters` 20 Sempre Tu `Barry Sisters` 21 In Other Words `Barry Sisters` 22 Cch-Cha Joe `Barry Sisters` 23 Baby Come A Little Closer `Barry Sisters` 24 I`ll Wait `Barryврлэе Sisters` 25 Matchmaker `Barry Sisters` 26 Our Love Is Growing Stronger `Barry Sisters` 27 Who Do You Belong To `Barry Sisters` 28 My Baby Comes To Me "The Coasters" 29 What Is The Secret Of Your Sucsess "The Coasters" 30 Gee Golly "The Coasters" 31 Sorry But I`m Gonna Have To Pass "The Coasters" 32 Besame Mucho "The Coasters" 33 Emanon "Double Six & Gillespie" 34 Anthropology "Double Six & Gillespie" 35 Tin Tin Deo "Double Six & Gillespie" 36 One Bass Hit "Double Six & Gillespie" 37 Two Bass Hit "Double Six & Gillespie" 38 Groovin` High "Double Six & Gillespie" 39 Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Be "Double Six & Gillespie" 40 Hot House "Double Six & Gillespie" 41 Con Alma "Double Six & Gillespie" 42 Blue`n Boogie "Double Six & Gillespieqвтытт" 43 The Champ "Double Six & Gillespie" 44 Ow! "Double Six & Gillespie" 45 Early Autumn `Double Six Of Paris` 46 For Lena And Lennie `Double Six Of Paris` 47 Polka Dots & Moonbeams "Four Freshmen" 48 Day By Da "Four Freshmen" 49 I Remember You "Four Freshmen" 50 I`ll Remember April "Four Freshmen" 51 Standing On The Corner "Four Lads" 52 Who Needs You "Four Lads" 53 Magnificent Obsession "Four Lads" 54 The Mocking Bird "Four Lads" 55 Not Not Much "Four Lads" 56 There Is Only One Of You "Four Lads" 57 Tonight "Four Lads" 58 Somebody Loves Me "Four Lads" 59 Fly Me To The Moon "Four Lads" 60 Istanbul "Four Lads" 61 Moments To Remember "Four Lads" 62 Together Wherever We Go "Four Lads" 63 Time After Tiвухкъme "Four Lads" 64 Breezing Along With The Breeze "Four Lads" 65 Why Can`t You Behave "Four Lads" 66 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing "Four Lads" 67 Together Wherever We Go `Hi-Lo`s` 68 Laura `Hi-Lo`s` 69 Two Ladies In The Shade `Hi-Lo`s` 70 Dixie `Hi-Lo`s` 71 The Trolley Song `Hi-Lo`s` 72 Wait Till You See Her `Hi-Lo`s` 73 Doncha Go Away Mad `Hi-Lo`s` 74 Brahm`s Lullaby `Hi-Lo`s` 75 A Nightingale Sang `Hi-Lo`s` 76 I Married An Angel `Hi-Lo`s` 77 Down The Old Road `Hi-Lo`s` 78 Autumn In New York `Hi-Lo`s` 79 Chinatown My Chinatown `Hi-Lo`s` 80 Long Ago And Far Away `Hi-Lo`s` 81 Misty `Hi-Lo`s` 82 Swingin` On The Strings "The Ink Spots" 83 Your Feet`s Too Big "The Ink Spots" 84 Swing High Swing Low "The Ink Spots" 85 Slap That Bass "The Ink Spots" 86 Swing Gate Swing "The Ink Spots" 87 It Ain`t вуыэчNobody`s Biz-ness If I Do "The Ink Spots" 88 Christopher Columbus "The Ink Spots" 89 Stompin` At The Savoy "The Ink Spots" 90 Yes, Suh "The Ink Spots" 91 Old Joe`s Hittin` The Jug "The Ink Spots" 92 Let`s Call The Whole Thing Off "The Ink Spots" 93 Mamma Don`t Allow It "The Ink Spots" 94 Charlestone Alley "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 95 Moanin` "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 96 Twisted "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 97 Bijou "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 98 Cloudburst "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 99 Centerpiece "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 100 Gimme That Wine "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 101 Sermonette "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 102 Summertime "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 103 Everybody`s Boppin` "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 104 Home Cookin` "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 105 вуяпмBlue "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 106 Come On Home "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 107 Cottontail "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 108 Midnight Indigo "Lambert-Hendricks-Ross" 109 Chiken Bone Bone "The Manhattan Transfer" 110 I Need A Man "The Manhattan Transfer" 111 You`re A Viper "The Manhattan Transfer" 112 Fair And Tender Ladies "The Manhattan Transfer" 113 Rosianna "The Manhattan Transfer" 114 Sunny Disposish "The Manhattan Transfer" 115 Java Jive "The Manhattan Transfer" 116 One More Time Around Rosie "The Manhattan Transfer" 117 Guidede Missiles "The Manhattan Transfer" 118 Roll Daddy Roll "The Manhattan Transfer" 119 Sweet And Slow "The Mills Brothers" 120 Swing It Sister "The Mills Brothers" 121 Jungle River "The Mills Brothers" 122 Put On Your Old Grвфбнъey Bonnet "The Mills Brothers" 123 Sweet Georgia Brown "The Mills Brothers" 124 Old Fishioned Love "The Mills Brothers" 125 Miss Otis Regrets "The Mills Brothers" 126 Ida Sweet As Apple "The Mills Brothers" 127 My Gal Sal "The Mills Brothers" 128 Rockin` Chair "The Mills Brothers" 129 Tiger Rag "The Mills Brothers" 130 Lulu`s Back In Town "The Mills Brothers" 131 Cherry "The Mills Brothers" 132 Dedicated To You "The Mills Brothers" 133 Boog It "The Mills Brothers" 134 The Flat Foot Floogie "The Mills Brothers" 135 My Walking Stick "The Mills Brothers" 136 Big Boy Blue "The Mills Brothers" 137 Darling Nelly Gray "The Mills Brothers" 138 Carry Me Back To Old Virginny "The Mills Brothers" 139 Rockin` Chair Swing "The Mills Brothers" вфвчг 140 WPA "The Mills Brothers" 141 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree "The Mills Brothers" 142 Marie "The Mills Brothers" 143 The Old Folks At Home "The Mills Brothers" 144 Swing For Sale "The Mills Brothers" 145 The Love Bug Will Bite You "The Mills Brothers" 146 `Long About Midnight "The Mills Brothers" 147 Swing Is The Thing "The Mills Brothers" 148 The Song Is Ended "The Mills Brothers" 149 Only You "The Platters" 150 Twilight Time "The Platters" 151 He`s Mine "The Platters" 152 My Prayer "The Platters" 153 Red Sails In The Sunset "The Platters" 154 Harbour Lights "The Platters" 155 Sixteen Tons "The Platters" 156 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes "The Platters" 157 The Great Pretender "The Platters" 158 Sesame Street "Singeвфгрбrs Unlimited" 159 The Shadow Of Your Smile "Singers Unlimited" 160 The Fool On The Hill "Singers Unlimited" 161 Soon It`s Gonna Rain "Singers Unlimited" 162 It Could Happen To You "Singers Unlimited" 163 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah "Singers Unlimited" 164 Prelude To A Kiss "Singers Unlimited" 165 Bye Bye Blues "Singers Unlimited" 166 Cotcha "Singers Unlimited" 167 My Romance "Singers Unlimited" 168 Clair "Singers Unlimited" 169 The More I See You "Singers Unlimited" 170 Spring Is Here "Singers Unlimited" 171 Skylark "Singers Unlimited" 172 I`m Shadowing You "Singers Unlimited" 173 Feelings "Singers Unlimited" 174 Sweet Georgia Brown "Singers Unlimited" 175 All The Things You Are "Singers Unlimited" 176 This Is The End "Singers Unlimitedвфдаъq" 177 Clair De Lune "Singers Unlimited" 178 Dindi "Singers Unlimited" 179 Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child "Singers Unlimited" 180 We Could Be Flying "Singers Unlimited" 181 Oscar Peterson Trio - The Gentle Rain "Singers Unlimited" 182 Oscar Peterson Trio - Childrens Game "Singers Unlimited" 183 Fugue DM "The Swingle Singers" 184 Prelude D`Orgue - 1 "The Swingle Singers" 185 Aria "The Swingle Singers" 186 Prelude Fdur "The Swingle Singers" 187 Bourree "The Swingle Singers" 188 Fugue CM "The Swingle Singers" 189 Fugue Ddur "The Swingle Singers" 190 Prelude No 9 "The Swingle Singers" 191 Sinfonia "The Swingle Singers" 192 Prelude Cdur "The Swingle Singers" 193 Canon "The Swingle Singers" 194 Invention Cdur "The Swingle Siвфдндngers" 195 Fugue Ddur "The Swingle Singers" 196 Vivace "The Swingle Singers" 197 Prelude Et Furue EM "The Swingle Singers" 198 Choral De La Cantele "The Swingle Singers" 199 Gavote "The Swingle Singers" 200 Prelude Et Furue Cdur "The Swingle Singers" 201 Fugue Gdur "The Swingle Singers" 202 Adagio "The Swingle Singers" 203 Prelude Et Furue C-dur "The Swingle Singers" 204 Prelude De Choral D`Orgue "The Swingle Singers" 205 Fugue No 21 "The Swingle Singers" 206 Little David`s Fugue "The Swingle Singers" 207 Air For G String "The Swingle Singers" 208 Vendome "The Swingle Singers" 209 Ricercare A6 "The Swingle Singers" 210 When I`m Laid In Earth "The Swingle Singers" 211 Alexander`s Fugue "The Swingle Singers" 212 Three Windows "Tвфдчвhe Swingle Singers" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) `Barry Sisters` "The Coasters" "Double Six & Gillespie".

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